The frontman for the Alternative Rock band “The Afro Nick” pulls from his experiences as a child growing up on Crete, an Island between the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. His earliest memories were the gypsies on the Venetian cobblestone streets, playing their guitars for coins.  Although he may come from meager and anonymous beginnings, The Afro Nick, located now in NYC, compensates with his musical constructions and crooning lyrics that are played with breathless urgency, universal appeal and explosive participation.  For The Afro Nick, his life is within his music. Like nights before and nights to come he chases the ultimate high for all musicians -- to simply play.  On stage, he is encompassed in his fervor, negligent of the world around him.

His album “Make It” is a live recording plus a studio track intended to incite a frenzy among listeners with its eclectic, alternative, and twisted lyrics that brings a masterful confidence to the music arena, all filmed and available on DVD. “Make It,” the album’s title track, is a punching guitar riff-driven song with surging soulful choruses flavored with moments of indie-rock funk.  A battle hymn that incites the listener to push through their invisible constraints and hold up their clubs yelling their liberation. 

If one had to describe the musician in one song, “Don’t Waste My Time” epitomizes his ideology in life.  Intensity and strife are abundant, but neither takes away from the carefree nature inherent in our lives.  A simple message that the song preaches - have FUN!  It’s a cheering anthem for those looking to grab life in a vise like grip.